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Welcome to The-Cavalry. We're a group created for the purpose of fellow deviants to seek assistance in dealing with trolls when they don't feel comfortable reporting them. If you are seeking assistance, please message the group or one of the admins or myself and we will do what we can to help you. Remember that screen shots are not valid evidence in the eyes of Deviant Art. We must have the direct link. Deviant Art seems to think we're all just that good in photo shop.

But wait there's more!

That's not all we do! We also post how-to journals (including language learning and music), music threads/suggested listening, we feature artwork and deviants, we do all kinds of stuff!

Want to be featured? Send us something!

Want to affiliate or be an admin? Please send me a message.

Many members of our staff are multilingual so please don't think a language barrier will necessarily keep us from helping you.

You are welcome to debate in this group, just keep it friendly. Get along please.

Disclaimer: Some of the views of the staff or the actions of the staff may not coincide with the views or actions of the group.

~ :iconmusicwolf7:
Founded 2 Years ago
Aug 2, 2015


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35 Members
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Welcome!! Please Read!

Hey, y'all! raspberryvixen here...

Welcome to The-Cavalry! We hope you enjoy your stay, and we certainly hope that you can find whatever sort of help it is that you've come here for. Just a few simple rules, of course...

This is an apolitical group. We subscribe to no one set political group. There are many different ones represented here. Political discussions are welcome, and, in fact, encouraged. But...KEEP IT CIVIL, m'kay?

Hate will not be tolerated here. If you don't like it, you know where the door is. Don't let it hit you on the ass on your way out. Was that hateful? Oops.

We all have different religious beliefs. I won't cram mine down your throat, and I pray you won't do the same to me. (HA HA HA!)

If you need help IN ANY WAY, IN ANYTHING, please please PLEASE do not be afraid to ask. None of us are here to judge the other. We're all here to help. We each bring something valuable to the table.

Lastly, PLAY NICE. Got it? Good.

'Cause if not, I'll send my little minions after you.

Pirate Devil Ghost and Friend by raspberryvixen
1: Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, was deeply opposed in the idea of an federal bank. He vetoed the "Second Bank" and was quoted saying "I will kill it". Now his face is one of the most circulated denomination of the US currency printed by the Federal Bank; the $20 bill.

2: One of Genghis Khan's daughters ordered to behead 1.25 million people, 25% of an entire Empire, because one of the citizens killed one of his sons at siege.

3: America's Founding Fathers initially had no political parties because they tried to avoid the vicious fighting they'd witnessed within the British government, and they aimed to focus on electing the best candidate for presidency instead of becoming divided over greed-driven competitions. (how ironic)

4: Nikita Khrushchev made a speech denouncing Stalin that was so shocking it caused heart attacks for some in attendance and others committed suicide afterwards.

5: In 1795 French Hussars captured the Dutch fleet in a cavalry charge. A frozen bay immobilized the Dutch ships and allowed horsemen to ride out and force a surrender. The Battle of Texel is the only documented occurence of a "naval" skirmish between warships and cavalry.

6: Heinrich Himmler, leading member of the Nazi SS, dry heaved and nearly fainted when witnessing executions that he had ordered.

7: Redbad, the last pagan King of Frisia (northern Netherlands), refused to convert to Christianity because he "preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with his enemies."

8: After a Polish impostor who claimed the throne of Russia was found out. He was executed, burned, and his ashes shot out of a cannon back towards Poland. There are also theories that he was in fact of russian origin but the rumor spreaded by polish to cull the russian line. (Kurwa! The ruski knows, shut it down!)

9: 18th century Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I was obsessed with having soldiers over 6 foot tall. He paid families for tall children, kidnapped tall men, bred them by pairing up his soldiers with tall women, and even stretched them on a rack to make them taller.

10: One of the thirteen articles in the 1781 US Articles of Confederation states that if Canada wants to be admitted into the United States, it will automatically be accepted.

11: In the 1960's, US spy planes were taking photos of Cuba. Those who analyzed them noticed something peculiar; They were building soccer fields. Cubans don't like soccer, they like baseball. Russians like soccer. This is how the Cuban Missle Crisis started.

12: Before Vermont became a state they tried to become part of Quebec, but Quebec refused so Vermont joined the United States instead.

13: The US election day is always held on a Tuesday because in 1845 farmers often needed a full day to travel by horse-drawn vehicles to the county seat to vote. Farmers would leave Monday, vote on Tuesday and be back in time for market day, which was on Wednesday.

14: Seb needs a life.
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Actually, you're guessing wrong, and for your information, neither myself nor any of the admins have harassed anyone. We don't even venture outside of the group. Please take your accusations and keep them to yourself. Happy holidays.
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